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Dr.Lalit Kanodia Laureate Award for
Technology Excellence in Market Research 2017

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About the Award

After four successful years, Datamatics presents the 5th edition of Dr. Lalit Kanodia Laureate Award for MR Technology Excellence in association with MRSI and ESOMAR.

The award honours innovators from India who excel in innovative integration/ application of information technology to benefit the Indian Market Research industry.

This award recognizes innovative trendsetters, who through their unstinted efforts and total dedication, have made genuine efforts towards promotion of technology in the Market Research industry and addressed the most pressing and urgent challenges in the field of MR. The award intends to promote, acknowledge and identify exemplary integration of technology in the market research processes.

Such excellence would enhance the quality, turn-around time, usability and/ or actionability of market research output. Such an effort should be quantifiable and measurable. The application of information technology (IT) could be through device (hardware), platform, mobile application or computer software that has been specifically designed to reduce the manual intervention and to automate the processes in Indian market research industry.

The key proposition of this technology should be that it should benefit and compliment the working system of the present market research industry and should help solve real research situations in the MR domain.


Dr. Lalit S. Kanodia, the founder and Chairman of Datamatics Group of Companies, is one of the pioneers in the Indian IT Industry. He founded Datamatics, in 1975, prior to which he was instrumental in setting up of Tata Consultancy Services in 1967. As chief mentor at Datamatics, Dr. Kanodia drives all innovation, new product development and quality initiatives. His inspirational leadership has led Datamatics to be conferred with various awards over the years, including the Most Innovative Software Product Award, the International Asia Pacific Quality Award and being ranked among the top 50 best managed outsourcing vendors by 'The Black Book of Outsourcing'.

After obtaining degree in engineering from India's premier technology institute, IIT, Bombay, Dr. Kanodia completed his Doctorate in Management and post-graduation in Computer Science from the MIT (USA). Dr. Kanodia was part of the team at MIT that built the first two multi-user computer operating systems - CTSS and MULTICS.

Dr. Kanodia is an Executive Member of NASSCOM, the apex body of the IT-BPO industry in India. He has also been designated as the Honorary Consul General of Chile in India by the Government of Chile. In the past, he has held several eminent positions with various industry associations, which include- President of the Management Consultant's Association of India and Chairman (Western Region) of the Electronics & Computer Software. Dr. Kanodia has also been on the Board of Directors of several large conglomerates.


1. The applications would be evaluated on the following dimensions:

  • Uniqueness: The technology should be an innovation in originality or novel application of existing technology that improves the way Market Research functions.
  • Relevance: The technology should demonstrate sizable improvements that can be appreciated by the beneficiaries of the technology. This can include substantial enhancements to the quality of data being collected or effectiveness of the research being delivered, the reliability of the research process, reduced turnaround time, project management efficiency, improved productivity, or other improvements that provide measurable benefits, relevance or advantages to consumers of research.
  • Universally applicable: The technology must be universally applicable (and should be able to bring in scalability) so that the users of the Market Research may be benefitted and should not be limited to specified cases or scenarios only.
  • Quality of solution: The technology architecture must follow the professional and industrial standards. The solution should be easy to use; the processes should be clearly defined, and it should be efficient and reliable.
  • Implementation cost: The overall implementation cost for the technology should be proportional to the total cost of the project or process and should be able to draw substantial profits to project after implementation. There might be a slight challenge here wherein it might not be feasible for all the candidates to submit validated commercial expenses towards deployment of such a technology. One may have to think of a surrogate measure around this.

2. Following are some broad conditions of this award framework:
  • The innovation should be a result of best technology practices in Market Research Industry.
  • The technology should follow professional standards and ethics (e.g. Privacy of a respondent, etc.).
  • The jury will be constituted to ensure transparency, in evaluating nominations for the award.
  • This committee will comprise established members from the industry to ensure that evaluation is done in its entirety, and with FULL transparency. Merit should be the ONLY criteria of one being conferred with the award.
  • Processing of nominations received for the awards shall be made by award committee.
  • Only completed applications in all respects shall be put up before the award Committee for consideration.
  • The final selection of the awards shall be made by the jury to be constituted by MRSI and/or ESOMAR.
  • The jury shall consist of 5 to 6 members of any nationality. The quorum of the meeting shall be three (3) members. The committee shall constitute at least one representative from Datamatics.
  • The decision of the jury shall be by a majority vote. In the event of the votes on both sides being equal, the Chairperson presiding over a particular meeting shall have a casting vote.
  • The Award Committee shall decide on the awards by the First Week of January.
  • Decisions of the jury shall be final.
  • The awards will be presented at Annual MRSI Conference, every year. The award will comprise an enviable cash component along with an attractive trophy.
  • The awardees shall be invited to receive the awards in person and also to address the gathering on the subject connected with the work recognized for the awards.
  • The shortlisted entries shall be allowed to present papers at the MRSI Seminar and could also be selected for the panel discussion (is subject to jury's decision).
  • If jury finds none of the nomination up-to the industry standards, the award would stand cancelled for that year.

Evaluation Criteria

Award is open to anyone in the market research industry including individuals and organizations, clients and providers of research, who are members of MRSI or ESOMAR. Every year, a circular letter to the member agencies shall be issued by MRSI, inviting nominations for the said award. The nomination shall be submitted in the prescribed Performa.

  • The awards are open to all individuals as well as to institutions registered with MRSI/ESOMAR in India.
  • To be eligible for the awards, it is required that a candidate is recommended in writing by the organization that candidate belongs to or is working with.
  • The applicants can put multiple entries, however all the entries should be strictly distinctively different.
  • Applicants for the award must be able and willing to accept these conditions of the award. Entry will constitute a complete and binding acceptance of these conditions:
    1. Only ideas that have been developed and are implemented are eligible for submitting their entries.
    2. To make available for the judging panel, a demonstration of technology via webinar or live conference at a time convenient to the judging panel.
    3. To provide any information requested by the judging panel for the purpose of assessing the application for the award and answer any questions accurately, truthfully and to the best of their ability.
    4. To cooperate with the preparation of a statement and citation for the award that describes the technology and its effectiveness that will be used in publicity surrounding the award.
    5. For carrying any preparation/resources to display the technology and to be able to attend in person or send a representative to receive the award at the awards event on the date shown in the schedule, if your entry is among the finalists, the cost involved for each would be borne by the applicant/applicant organization.
    6. To accept that the decision of the judging panel is final.

The judging panel agrees to respect the commercial confidentiality of the information, provided on the application form and all other information requested of the application.


  • The awards shall be presented at the 27th Annual Market Research Seminar in Delhi. The award will comprise of cash component along with an attractive trophy.
  • Winners may get a chance to present the paper at the MRSI seminar.
  • If jury finds none of the nomination up-to the industry standards, the award would stand cancelled for that year.

Information for Applicants

  • For participating in the award you must complete the application form in a word document or PDF
  • The duly filled applications with support material should reach MRSI by 31st October, 2017, after which no applications would be entertained. MRSI will notify all applicants, upon receipt of the application form, you can contact us in case you do not receive an email confirmation within a weeks' time after sending the application to us.
  • MRSI will contact the applicants only in the case the applications are shortlisted.
  • As noted above, the first round of selection, for the short list of nomination, will be based entirely upon the written submission. It is therefore important that you provide as much information as possible, and include a detailed endorsement from the users, clients or beneficiaries of the software. As the award is for technology effectiveness, this information is essential.
  • If you wish to provide any supporting documentation, such as screenshots or client testimonials, please ensure these are relevant to the information you provide on the form. Please do not forward any marketing materials, PowerPoint presentations, demonstration versions of your software or similar, as these will not be considered by the judges.
  • If you have any questions relating to entry procedures, conditions or the award criteria, please contact the MRSI admin by email to
  • Please send your completed entry form by email to the MRSI with the subject "Nomination for Dr.L.S.Kanodia Award" to arrive no later than 31st October, 2017.


Download the Nomination form from Complete the application in full and send it to with Subject - Nomination for Dr. L.S.Kanodia Award
No. There is no entry fees.
No. Its mandatory to submit the application in English language.
Please visit to know more about the selection criteria
Please visit to know more about the evaluation criteria.
One winner will be selected every year
  • Winner will get the trophy along the cash prize of Rs. 1 Lac
  • Recognition on MRSI and ESOMAR websites and on their social media platforms
  • Recognition on Datamatics website
  • Digital logo that can be used for the promotion of your technology with permissions
  • Names to be included in the post event press release announcing the winners
  • Annual networking virtual forums designed for all the participants
Such an entry can be accepted provided, the technology has been implemented at the organization that is member of the MRSI or ESOMAR. The applicant will need to apply through the MRSI/ESOMAR member organization
The IPR still remains with the applicant and MRSI, ESOMAR or Datamatics do not reserve any rights on the IPR.
No. It has to be implemented, only ideas without implementation and substantial results do not qualify.
Yes, provided the entries are distinctively different

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